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Arena Hacking
Here it is
1. Open up the bg.pac and search for the text string PAC
2. Highlight it from the first PAC to the second and paste it as a new file.
3. Save it as a anything.pac for example the first PAC file is smackdown so save it as smack.pac.
4. Then open it as a PS2 PAC file via xpacker.
5. Extract the file C8.BPE to a folder and then uncompress it to the same folder.
6. Now open the uncompressed bpe which will now have a extension of PAC as a texture archive.
7. You will now see the PS2 Texture files simply extract them and then edit them to your liking.
8. Once done import the edited texture over the original.
9. Now reopen the smack.pac and insert the C8.BPE overwriting the original.
10. Now open the smack.pac in HEX and paste it at the new offset in the bg.pac.
11. Then work out the offset and size just like adding models.
12. In the ARC file search text string STG l and then you should see stuff like 0000, 0001 etc. Those are the arena strings. Paste the offset and size just like in adding models after any of the arena strings and save.
13. Your done!

Important Note:

If for some reason the texture isn't the same size as the original open both in HEX and check the last offset byte. The edited one should be the same length in bytes as the original one. If it is not simply enter blank bytes until you match the same last offset byte as the original.

This method works for PSP and PS2 and should do for the Nintendo Wii.

Here are the arena ID's:

Smackdown 0000
Raw 0001
ECW 0002
Summerslam 0004
Unforgiven 0005
No Mercy 0006
Survivor Series 0007
Armageddon 0008
Royal Rumble 0009
No Way Out 00010
Wrestlemania 00011
Backlash 00012
Judgement Day 00013
Night of Champ 00014
Bash 00015

The are more arenas in the game such as two royal rumble arenas, one for normal match and one for the actual royal rumble. There are two no way out arenas one with normal match and one with elimination chamber. You can even mod the create a moveset arena, backstage areas and other parts. You Mod up to the point where you get to the string CAGE.

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