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Editing Entrance Models Using X-Packer
Let's say I want to put The Miz in Edge's coat, Here's what I need to do.
1. Get Edge's entrance pac file (the one with 27.bpe).
2. Extract 02.bpe and 09.bpe from The Miz's pac file.
3. Inject 02.bpe and 09.bpe from The Miz's pac file into Edge's entrance pac file.
4. Now you get The Miz in Edge's coat.
Note: The same method can be done on any models, i.e. (put Alex Riley in SCSA's vest or Elijah Burke in JoMo's coat)

And below is how to edit Entrance Gear.
1. Open Wrestler Pac > Uncompress 27.bpe.
2. X-Packer > Open > Texture Archive > choose 27.pac.
3. Now you'll see a list of textures used in that gear.
4. Export and edit whatever you want.
5. When you finished editing, import your textures back into 27.pac.
6. Open Wrestler Pac.
7. Inject the edited 27.pac into the wrestler pac.

Thanks: Tekken57 for X-Packer.
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