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PS2 Arena Hack Tutorial by Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
First get the HxD hex editor, it is easy to use:

1. Use the external export function of svredit on BG.PAC. It will give you all the pac files of the arenas and all other things in the file. The first file (BG.PAC.1.PAC) is the SmackDown arena. My suggestion is to use the smaller version Royal Rumble Arena for mods, it is the file named BG.PAC.18.PAC.
2. Then open it as a PS2 PAC file via x-packer.
3. Extract the file C8.BPE to a folder and then uncompress it to the same folder.
4. Now open the uncompressed C8.BPE which will now have the name C8.PAC as a texture archive in x-packer.
5. You will now see the PS2 Texture files. Simply extract them and then edit them to your liking.
6. Once done import the edited texture over the original.
7. Now reopen the arena BG.PAC.18.PAC file and insert the C8.PAC overwriting the original C8.BPE.
8. Decide what arena to replace, just make sure that the size of that BG.PAC.[number].PAC is larger or equal than that of your new BG.PAC.18.PAC file.
9. Now open the BG.PAC.18.PAC in the hex editor and make the file exactly the same size as the file to replace by filling it out with zeros. Do this by marking some zeros at the end of BG.PAC.18.PAC (preferrably atleast a full row) and press ctrl-c to copy. Then place the marker at the end of BG.PAC.18.PAC and press ctrl-v to insert new zeros. You know that it is the same size when BG.PAC.18.PAC and BG.PAC.[number].PAC ends at the exact same offset.
10. Now open the BG.PAC.[number].PAC (the file for the arena to replace) in the hex editor, mark the first two rows and press ctrl-c to copy.
11. Now open the BG.PAC in the hex editor and search for the offset where your file to replace starts. Find this by searching BG.PAC for the first rows of data from BG.PAC.[number].PAC. Do this by pressing ctrl-f and pasting what you copied in 10. Make sure the search is set to hex values.
12. Go back to BG.PAC.18.PAC and press ctrl-a, ctrl-c to copy the full contents of the BG.PAC.18.PAC.
13. Then go to the BG.PAC file again. Paste the contents you copied in 12 by setting the marker at the offset you found your file to replace in BG.PAC and pressing ctrl-b to overwrite (important not to push ctrl-v as it will make the file larger and we don't want that). Make sure you overwrite the old data so the BG.PAC size remains unchanged.
14. Save the BG.PAC file.
15. You're done!
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