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SvR 2011 Music List

MUSIC1_0000.adx The Rock
MUSIC1_0001.adx The Rock (Face)
MUSIC1_0002.adx The Rock (Face)
MUSIC1_0003.adx The Rock (heel)
MUSIC1_0004.adx The Rock (heel)
MUSIC1_0005.adx Stone Cold Steve Austin
MUSIC1_0006.adx Stone Cold Steve Austin (Face)
MUSIC1_0007.adx Stone Cold Steve Austin (Heel)
MUSIC1_0008.adx Triple H
MUSIC1_0009.adx Triple H (Face)
MUSIC1_0010.adx Triple H (Heel)
MUSIC1_0011.adx Undertaker
MUSIC1_0012.adx Undertaker (Face)
MUSIC1_0013.adx Undertaker (Face)
MUSIC1_0014.adx Undertaker (Heel)
MUSIC1_0015.adx Undertaker (Heel)
MUSIC1_0016.adx Chris Jericho
MUSIC1_0017.adx Chris Jericho (Face)
MUSIC1_0018.adx Chris Jericho (heel)
MUSIC1_0019.adx Chris Jericho
MUSIC1_0020.adx Kane
MUSIC1_0021.adx Kane (Face)
MUSIC1_0022.adx Kane (Face)
MUSIC1_0023.adx Kane (Heel)
MUSIC1_0024.adx Kane (Heel)
MUSIC1_0025.adx Edge
MUSIC1_0026.adx Edge (Face)
MUSIC1_0027.adx Edge (Heel)
MUSIC1_0028.adx Matt Hardy
MUSIC1_0029.adx Matt Hardy (Face)
MUSIC1_0030.adx Matt Hardy (Heel)
MUSIC1_0031.adx Mr. McMahon
MUSIC1_0032.adx Mr. McMahon (Face)
MUSIC1_0033.adx Mr. McMahon (Heel)
MUSIC1_0034.adx William Regal
MUSIC1_0035.adx William Regal (Face)
MUSIC1_0036.adx William Regal (Heel)
MUSIC1_0037.adx Jimmy Snuka
MUSIC1_0038.adx Jimmy Snuka (Face)
MUSIC1_0039.adx Jimmy Snuka (Heel)
MUSIC1_0040.adx Rey Mysterio
MUSIC1_0041.adx Rey Mysterio (Face)
MUSIC1_0042.adx Rey Mysterio (Heel)
MUSIC1_0043.adx Big Show
MUSIC1_0044.adx Big Show (Face)
MUSIC1_0045.adx Big Show (Face)
MUSIC1_0046.adx Big Show (Heel)
MUSIC1_0047.adx Big Show (Heel)
MUSIC1_0048.adx CM Punk
MUSIC1_0049.adx CM Punk (Face)
MUSIC1_0050.adx CM Punk (Heel)
MUSIC1_0051.adx Jake "The Snake" Roberts
MUSIC1_0052.adx Jake "The Snake" Roberts (Face)
MUSIC1_0053.adx Jake "The Snake" Roberts (Heel)
MUSIC1_0054.adx MVP
MUSIC1_0055.adx MVP (Face)
MUSIC1_0056.adx MVP (Heel)
MUSIC1_0057.adx Chavo Guerrero
MUSIC1_0058.adx Chavo Guerrero (Face)
MUSIC1_0059.adx Chavo Guerrero (Heel)
MUSIC1_0060.adx John Cena
MUSIC1_0061.adx John Cena (Face)
MUSIC1_0062.adx John Cena (Face)
MUSIC1_0063.adx John Cena (Face)
MUSIC1_0064.adx John Cena (Heel)
MUSIC1_0065.adx John Cena (Heel)
MUSIC1_0066.adx John Cena (Heel)
MUSIC1_0067.adx Mickie James
MUSIC1_0068.adx Mickie James (Face)
MUSIC1_0069.adx Mickie James (Heel)
MUSIC1_0070.adx Shawn Michaels
MUSIC1_0071.adx Shawn Michaels (Face)
MUSIC1_0072.adx Shawn Michaels (Face)
MUSIC1_0073.adx Shawn Michaels (Heel)
MUSIC1_0074.adx Shawn Michaels (Heel)
MUSIC1_0075.adx Finlay
MUSIC1_0076.adx Finlay (Face)
MUSIC1_0077.adx Finlay (Heel)
MUSIC1_0078.adx Batista
MUSIC1_0079.adx Batista (Face)
MUSIC1_0080.adx Batista (Heel)
MUSIC1_0081.adx Randy Orton
MUSIC1_0082.adx Randy Orton (Face)
MUSIC1_0083.adx Randy Orton (Face)
MUSIC1_0084.adx Randy Orton (Heel)
MUSIC1_0085.adx Randy Orton (Heel)
MUSIC1_0086.adx Kelly Kelly
MUSIC1_0087.adx Kelly Kelly (Face)
MUSIC1_0088.adx Kelly Kelly (Heel)
MUSIC1_0089.adx JTG
MUSIC1_0090.adx JTG (Face)
MUSIC1_0091.adx JTG (Heel)
MUSIC1_0092.adx Terry Funk
MUSIC1_0093.adx Terry Funk (F)
MUSIC1_0094.adx Terry Funk (H)
MUSIC1_0095.adx Melina
MUSIC1_0096.adx Melina (Face)
MUSIC1_0097.adx Melina (Heel)
MUSIC1_0098.adx John Morrison
MUSIC1_0099.adx John Morrison (Face)
MUSIC1_0100.adx John Morrison (Face)
MUSIC1_0101.adx John Morrison (Heel)
MUSIC1_0102.adx John Morrison (Heel)
MUSIC1_0103.adx Kofi Kingston
MUSIC1_0104.adx Kofi Kingston (Face)
MUSIC1_0105.adx Kofi Kingston (Face)
MUSIC1_0106.adx Kofi Kingston (Heel)
MUSIC1_0107.adx Kofi Kingston (Heel)
MUSIC1_0108.adx Bret Hart (2010 return theme)
MUSIC1_0109.adx Bret Hart (2010 return theme) (Face)
MUSIC1_0110.adx Bret Hart (2010 return theme) (Heel)
MUSIC1_0111.adx Shad Gaspard
MUSIC1_0112.adx Shad Gaspard (Face)
MUSIC1_0113.adx Shad Gaspard (Heel)
MUSIC1_0114.adx Mark Henry
MUSIC1_0115.adx Mark Henry (Face)
MUSIC1_0116.adx Mark Henry (Face)
MUSIC1_0117.adx Mark Henry (Heel)
MUSIC1_0118.adx Mark Henry (Heel)
MUSIC1_0119.adx Michelle McCool
MUSIC1_0120.adx Michelle McCool (Face)
MUSIC1_0121.adx Michelle McCool (Heel)
MUSIC1_0122.adx Teddy Long
MUSIC1_0123.adx Santino Marella
MUSIC1_0124.adx Santino Marella (Face)
MUSIC1_0125.adx Santino Marella (Heel)
MUSIC1_0126.adx "Dashing" Cody Rhodes
MUSIC1_0127.adx "Dashing" Cody Rhodes (Face)
MUSIC1_0128.adx "Dashing" Cody Rhodes (Heel)
MUSIC1_0129.adx Shelton Benjamin
MUSIC1_0130.adx Shelton Benjamin (Face)
MUSIC1_0131.adx Shelton Benjamin (Heel)
MUSIC1_0132.adx The Miz
MUSIC1_0133.adx The Miz (Face)
MUSIC1_0134.adx The Miz (Heel)
MUSIC1_0135.adx Zack Ryder
MUSIC1_0136.adx Zack Ryder (Face)
MUSIC1_0137.adx Zack Ryder (Heel)
MUSIC1_0138.adx Beth Phoenix
MUSIC1_0139.adx Beth Phoenix (Face)
MUSIC1_0140.adx Beth Phoenix (Face)
MUSIC1_0141.adx Beth Phoenix (Heel)
MUSIC1_0142.adx Beth Phoenix (Heel)
MUSIC1_0143.adx Brothers of Destruction
MUSIC1_0144.adx Ted DiBiase Jr.
MUSIC1_0145.adx Ted DiBiase Jr. (Face)
MUSIC1_0146.adx Ted DiBiase Jr. (Heel)
MUSIC1_0147.adx Vladimir Kozlov
MUSIC1_0148.adx Vladimir Kozlov (Face)
MUSIC1_0149.adx Vladimir Kozlov (Heel)
MUSIC1_0150.adx Mike Knox
MUSIC1_0151.adx Mike Knox (Face)
MUSIC1_0152.adx Mike Knox (Heel)
MUSIC1_0153.adx Evan Bourne
MUSIC1_0154.adx Evan Bourne (Face)
MUSIC1_0155.adx Evan Bourne (Heel)
MUSIC1_0156.adx Jack Swagger
MUSIC1_0157.adx Jack Swagger (Face)
MUSIC1_0158.adx Jack Swagger (Heel)
MUSIC1_0159.adx Ezekiel Jackson
MUSIC1_0160.adx Ezekiel Jackson (Face)
MUSIC1_0161.adx Ezekiel Jackson (Heel)
MUSIC1_0162.adx Primo
MUSIC1_0163.adx Primo (Face)
MUSIC1_0164.adx Primo (Heel)
MUSIC1_0165.adx R-Truth
MUSIC1_0166.adx R-Truth (Face)
MUSIC1_0167.adx R-Truth (Face)
MUSIC1_0168.adx R-Truth (Face)
MUSIC1_0169.adx R-Truth (with his vocal, Face)
MUSIC1_0170.adx R-Truth (Heel)
MUSIC1_0171.adx Dolph Ziggler
MUSIC1_0172.adx Dolph Ziggler (Face)
MUSIC1_0173.adx Dolph Ziggler (Heel)
MUSIC1_0174.adx Christian
MUSIC1_0175.adx Christian (Face)
MUSIC1_0176.adx Christian (Heel)
MUSIC1_0177.adx Goldust
MUSIC1_0178.adx Goldust (Face)
MUSIC1_0179.adx Goldust (Heel)
MUSIC1_0180.adx Drew McIntyre
MUSIC1_0181.adx Drew McIntyre (Face)
MUSIC1_0182.adx Drew McIntyre (Heel)
MUSIC1_0183.adx Sheamus
MUSIC1_0184.adx Sheamus (Face)
MUSIC1_0185.adx Sheamus (Heel)
MUSIC1_0186.adx David Hart Smith
MUSIC1_0187.adx David Hart Smith (Face)
MUSIC1_0188.adx David Hart Smith (Heel)
MUSIC1_0189.adx Tyson Kidd
MUSIC1_0190.adx Tyson Kidd (Face)
MUSIC1_0191.adx Tyson Kidd (Heel)
MUSIC1_0192.adx Yoshi Tatsu
MUSIC1_0193.adx Yoshi Tatsu (Face)
MUSIC1_0194.adx Yoshi Tatsu (Heel)
MUSIC1_0195.adx Vance Archer
MUSIC1_0196.adx Vance Archer (Face)
MUSIC1_0197.adx Vance Archer (Heel)
MUSIC1_0198.adx Natalya
MUSIC1_0199.adx Natalya (Face)
MUSIC1_0200.adx Natalya (Heel)
MUSIC1_0201.adx Maryse
MUSIC1_0202.adx Maryse (Face)
MUSIC1_0203.adx Maryse (Heel)
MUSIC1_0204.adx Eve
MUSIC1_0205.adx Eve (Face)
MUSIC1_0206.adx Eve (Heel)
MUSIC1_0207.adx Gail Kim
MUSIC1_0208.adx Gail Kim (Face)
MUSIC1_0209.adx Gail Kim (Heel)
MUSIC1_0210.adx Brie Bella (Face)
MUSIC1_0211.adx Brie Bella (Heel)
MUSIC1_0212.adx Nikki Bella (Face)
MUSIC1_0213.adx Nikki Bella (Heel)
MUSIC1_0214.adx Alicia Fox
MUSIC1_0215.adx Alicia Fox (Face)
MUSIC1_0216.adx Alicia Fox (Heel)
MUSIC1_0217.adx Ricky Steamboat
MUSIC1_0218.adx Ricky Steamboat (Face)
MUSIC1_0219.adx Ricky Steamboat (Heel)
MUSIC1_0220.adx Rob Van Dam
MUSIC1_0221.adx Rob Van Dam (Face)
MUSIC1_0222.adx Rob Van Dam (Heel)
MUSIC1_0223.adx Luke Gallows
MUSIC1_0224.adx Luke Gallows (Face)
MUSIC1_0225.adx Luke Gallows (Heel)

Tag Teams:
MUSIC1_0226.adx The Hart Dynasty
MUSIC1_0227.adx The Hart Dynasty (Face)
MUSIC1_0228.adx The Hart Dynasty (Heel)
MUSIC1_0229.adx Chris Jericho & The Miz
MUSIC1_0230.adx Chris Jericho & The Miz (Face)
MUSIC1_0231.adx Chris Jericho & The Miz (Heel)
MUSIC1_0232.adx Straight Edge Society
MUSIC1_0233.adx Straight Edge Society (Face)
MUSIC1_0234.adx Straight Edge Society (Heel)
MUSIC1_0235.adx R-Truth & John Morrison
MUSIC1_0236.adx R-Truth & John Morrison (Face)
MUSIC1_0237.adx R-Truth & John Morrison (Heel)
MUSIC1_0238.adx MVP & Mark Henry
MUSIC1_0239.adx MVP & Mark Henry (Face)
MUSIC1_0240.adx MVP & Mark Henry (Heel)
MUSIC1_0241.adx Brothers of Destruction
MUSIC1_0242.adx Brothers of Destruction (Face)
MUSIC1_0243.adx Brothers of Destruction (Heel)
MUSIC1_0244.adx D-Generation X
MUSIC1_0245.adx D-Generation X (Face)
MUSIC1_0246.adx D-Generation X (Heel)
MUSIC1_0247.adx William Regal and his minions
MUSIC1_0248.adx William Regal and his minions (Face)
MUSIC1_0249.adx William Regal and his minions (Heel)
MUSIC1_0250.adx Bellas Twin
MUSIC1_0251.adx Bellas Twin (Face)
MUSIC1_0252.adx Bellas Twin (Heel)
MUSIC1_0253.adx The Legacy
MUSIC1_0254.adx The Legacy (Face)
MUSIC1_0255.adx The Legacy (Heel)
MUSIC1_0256.adx ShowMiz
MUSIC1_0257.adx ShowMiz (Face)
MUSIC1_0258.adx ShowMiz (Heel)
MUSIC1_0259.adx Edge & Christian (but it just the current Edge theme)
MUSIC1_0260.adx Edge & Christian (Face)
MUSIC1_0261.adx Edge & Christian (Heel)
MUSIC1_0262.adx Cryme Tyme
MUSIC1_0263.adx Cryme Tyme (Face)
MUSIC1_0264.adx Cryme Tyme (Heel)
MUSIC1_0265.adx Jobber CAW theme 1
MUSIC1_0266.adx Jobber CAW theme 2
MUSIC1_0267.adx Jobber CAW theme 3
MUSIC1_0268.adx Jobber CAW theme 4
MUSIC1_0269.adx Jobber CAW theme 5
MUSIC1_0270.adx Jobber CAW theme 6
MUSIC1_0271.adx Jobber CAW theme 7
MUSIC1_0272.adx Jobber CAW theme 7 (again)

MUSIC1_0273.adx SmackDown
MUSIC1_0274.adx RAW

MUSIC1_0275.adx Undertaker drum effect
MUSIC1_0276.adx Kane Explosion effect
MUSIC1_0277.adx Vince McMahon: "This match is not over yet. did you forgot about your other opponent? now ring the bell!"
MUSIC1_0278.adx camera cut effect 1
MUSIC1_0279.adx camera cut effect 2
MUSIC1_0280.adx Championship match effect 1
MUSIC1_0281.adx Championship match effect 2
MUSIC1_0282.adx Championship match effect 3
MUSIC1_0283.adx Championship match effect 4
MUSIC1_0284.adx Championship match effect 5
MUSIC1_0285.adx Championship match effect 6
MUSIC1_0286.adx Championship match effect 7
MUSIC1_0287.adx Championship match effect 8
MUSIC1_0288.adx Championship match effect 9
MUSIC1_0289.adx Championship match effect 10
MUSIC1_0290.adx effect?
MUSIC1_0291.adx effect?
MUSIC1_0292.adx effect?
MUSIC1_0293.adx effect?


Menu screen soundtracks:
MUSIC2_0000.adx Chris Jericho
MUSIC2_0001.adx CM Punk
MUSIC2_0002.adx Shad Gaspard
MUSIC2_0003.adx Cody Rhodes
MUSIC2_0004.adx The Miz
MUSIC2_0005.adx Ted DiBiase Jr.
MUSIC2_0006.adx Evan Bourne
MUSIC2_0007.adx Jack Swagger
MUSIC2_0008.adx Drew McIntyre
MUSIC2_0009.adx Vance Archer
MUSIC2_0010.adx Luke Gallows

CAW theme again?:
MUSIC2_0011.adx Jobber CAW theme 1
MUSIC2_0012.adx Jobber CAW theme 2
MUSIC2_0013.adx Jobber CAW theme 3
MUSIC2_0014.adx Jobber CAW theme 4
MUSIC2_0015.adx Jobber CAW theme 5
MUSIC2_0016.adx Jobber CAW theme 6
MUSIC2_0017.adx Jobber CAW theme 7
MUSIC2_0018.adx Jobber CAW theme 7
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