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Tutorial For Adding Selection Pictures to Becks for the Wii tutorials)

1)First of all unpack the Menu.pac file of svr 07.You will obtain MENU.dpac.In MENU.dpac there is a folder named MENU.In MENU there are PAC files SF2B and SF2D.These PACs contains a BPE file 0000.bpe.

2)Uncompress the BPE file,then unpack the obtained .bpe.unpacked file using RRUnpack and you will obtain the folder with uncompressed MTP2D's.

3)Now just copy and paste the uncompressed MTP2D from svr07 at the end of Menu.pac file of svr 2010(at the valid offset).Note down the offset and size of the MTP2D you just pasted.Find the value of XX and YY as we did for adding Models.

4)In the ARC file,insert the string for the no model you want to add Screen Selection pictures for.Like if you want to add Selection pics for No Model no. 108 then it will be like 0108XXYY.(Similar to what we did for adding No Models).
Also in the .ARC file there is a no. after strings SSFA,SSFB,SSFC.It is "D000".For every screen selection picture you add,you need to add "0200" to "D000".

Use the MTP2D's from SF2B for SSFA and SSFB.And use MTP2D's from SF2D for SSFC.

SSFA-Pics that appear in the Selection Screen
SSFB-Pics that appear on the screen where you are given an option to change the rules and arena.
SSFC-Small Pics in the creation menus.
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